Posted on Mar 21, 2021

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"Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute – Why Timing Is So Important"

After you’re injured in a vehicle collision, you should ensure you file a claim for the injuries. Do it as soon as possible. The earlier you take action, the better – it can increase your odds of getting compensation. Seek a car accident attorney in Alpharetta to help you with the claim.

You have up to 2 years – don’t wait until it’s too late

While you have a timeline of up to two years to file your case, you should not wait until the last hour. While Georgia’s personal injury statute of limitations says that you can still file a claim within two years, you want to do it soonest possible.

Waiting for Long Can Hurt your Case

If you wait until the last few days or weeks before making your claim or filing your suit, it can create problems. Investigating and negotiating a claim takes time. It also takes time to gather evidence, medical records, billing records, and other documents. Our “car accident lawyer near me” will walk you through the court process and ensure an aggressive representation.

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